LeBron James Humiliates Trump For Having Too Much Time For Twitter Insults & It’s Great


President Donald Trump behaves like an attention-hungry second rate celebrity at times — and it’s getting to the celebrities outside of government who actually, well, know what they’re doing.

Trump — who again, currently serves as the president of the United States — has taken time throughout his tenure in office to go after a whole array of public figures with attempts at ego boosting gestures. For instance, he attacked NBA star and philanthropist LeBron James on Twitter as having low intelligence.

James responded to the president targeting him in an interview published this week, exclaiming:

‘What bothers me is that he has time to even do that… He has the most powerful job in the world. Like, you really got this much time that you can comment on me?’

The original jab came after an interview James did aired on CNN. During the talk with the network’s Don Lemon, the NBA star, who’s recently helped open a cutting edge school in Ohio, derided the president’s attempts at using sports to divide Americans. Trump has used some NFL players’ decisions to peacefully and silently protest during performances of the national anthem as a driver to exacerbate tensions between his base and everyone else.

That’s drawn him enough attention in of itself. However, he dug into his position after the James interview aired for a second time, whining on Twitter:

‘Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do. I like Mike!’

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James has indicated he couldn’t care less that the president implied he’s dumb. He and so many of the rest of us simply remain concerned that the president is steering his administration out of control with his curious — to say the least — choice of which way to order his priorities. There are people the president’s supposed to be looking out for above the status of his Twitter profile.

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