New Ted/Beto Poll Results Are In & Cruz’s State Of Jeopardy Has The GOP In A Tailspin


Everyone is expecting a great big blue wave to come crashing to our shore this November. The Democrats are expected to take back the House of Representatives, but political pundits don’t expect them to be able to take back the senate. Now, a poll released today is bad news for one senate Republican because Ted Cruz (R-TX) is in a statistical tie with his Democratic opponent Beto O’Rourke. The Public Policy Polling survey has Cruz sitting at 48 percent, and O’Rourke pulling 45 percent…that’s within the 4 point margin of error.

The PPP survey comes on the heels of a Reuters/IPSOS poll from yesterday that had O’Rourke ahead by 2 points. These two polls are so close that it means the Texas senate race is a really big deal. People are paying attention, and considering the majority of Texans disapprove of the job Cruz is doing, this could be the senate race that will determine whether or not the Democrats can take the senate too.

To defend Cruz’ seat the Republicans are going to have to spend big bucks in Texas, and that means they’ll have less money to spend defending seats throughout the rest of the United States. Realistically Republicans didn’t think that O’Rourke stood a chance in this race, so it’s been very surprising for them to find that Cruz is in a statistical tie and they’re extremely worried about it.

The only thing going for them in this race is the fact that Texas hasn’t elected a Democratic senator in the past thirty years. But with O’Rourke gaining more and more followers every day, this could be the year that a big upset happens. Republicans only hold a 51-49 majority in the senate and any loss will devastate their chances to keep the stranglehold on this country that has allowed them to do so much damage to this once great nation.

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