The Trump Administration Just Got Sued & Donald’s Excessive Golfing Is The Reason


Donald Trump has wasted close to a hundred million dollars playing golf since he took over the White House. Not only are we the people paying for him play his favorite sport, but we’re also having to pick up the tab for his Secret Service protection while he’s on the links too. When he plays golf it negatively affects all of us. For instance, when he plays at Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Va., the Coast Guard has to shut down two miles of the Potomac River and it’s causing quite a lot of waves for local canoers. That’s why the Canoe Cruisers Association of Greater Washington sued Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary¬†Kirstjen Nielsen and the Coast Guard.

Court documents show that the canoers are claiming the Coast Guard and DHS had initially imposed temporary restrictions on the river, but then turned around and created a “permanent security zone” in June 2017, and they’ve been turned away at least 32 times since. The Association also claims the DHS promised it would address the gripes but went radio silent instead.

The fact of the matter is that Donald Trump just plays too much golf. Instead of us paying for him to do his job, we’re paying for all of the major expenses his golfing habit brings with it. Here’s the ironic thing about his golf game…he ran down President Obama every single time he played golf. He claimed that if we got elected to the presidency he would spend all of his time in the White House working hard for the American people. That was just another one of his lies to us.

Now we’re learning that he’s also putting out others when he golfs and it’s great that the canoers are suing him over it. Maybe a court of law will rule in their favor and those people can get their access back to the Potomac River.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube