Trump Tweets About Korean War Soldier Remains & Gets Pummeled Within Seconds


The saga of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and President Donald Trump’s part in its attempted demise is continuing this week. The North Koreans agreed to hand over remains of American soldiers left behind during the Korean War as part of their negotiations with the U.S., and recently, the first two sets of those remains have been identified.

Trump tweeted about it — of course — painting the development as an indication of the success of his summit earlier this year with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The returned remains first made their way to the United States earlier this summer, although it remains, apparently, unclear at present how many more sets of remains the North Koreans may possess from the conflict all those decades ago.¬†Army Master Sgt. Charles H. McDaniel and Army Pfc. William H. Jones were identified as part of what was left of as many as 55 people — and maybe more — that made its way to Hawaii for analysis.

The transfer represents one aspect of the North Koreans’ ongoing back and forth with the rest of the world. Trump has touted the developments along that front in the past, infamously claiming that he had “parents” of Korean War victims approach him and ask for help in getting remains of their children back. Parents of such individuals, if alive, would no doubt be unreasonably old.

That’s not the only issue that remains, though.

At present, North Korea remains a nuclear-armed country. They recently expressed a renewed willingness to move forward apart from their nuclear program after yet another meeting with the South Koreans, but for now, that’s just that — a willingness. There remains work to be done, and the president should not take a victory lap.

Check out Twitter’s response below.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot