50 Yale Law Faculty Members Demand FBI Probe Into Kavanaugh Allegations (LETTER)


Last Sunday, Trump’s SCOTUS pick, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, came under fire after Dr. Christine Blasey Ford accused him of sexually assaulting her in high school.

Since then, the public and many members of both government parties have had strong reactions to these allegations, insisting that there be an investigation. At the same time, Trump and his most staunch supporters in office have been publicly railing against Dr. Ford, calling her a liar and suggesting that if the accusations were true she would have come forward sooner. Trump himself did that just this morning via his favorite platform.

Following his absurd and quite frankly, disgusting, tweet, which was obviously done to incite his base and disparage Kavanaugh’s accuser, many came out backing Dr. Ford and insisting that there be an immediate investigation by the FBI — one of these sources in particular, was Kavanaugh’s own alma mater, Yale Law School.

In an open letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, nearly 50 faculty members of Yale Law insisted that there be an investigation, saying that “allegations of sexual assault require a neutral factfinder and an investigation that can ascertain facts fairly.”

‘As the Senate Judiciary Committee debates Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination, we write as faculty members of Yale Law School, from which Judge Kavanaugh graduated, to urge that the Senate conduct a fair and deliberate confirmation process. With so much at stake for the Supreme Court and the nation, we are concerned about a rush to judgment that threatens both the integrity of the process and the public’s confidence in the Court.’

The letter adds that the FBI must have “adequate time to investigate facts” and is concluded with a statement saying that the Supreme Court confirmation process “must always be conducted, and appointments made, in a manner that gives Americans reason to trust” the court.

This news is sure to rattle Trump, and especially Brett Kavanaugh. Let’s hope this is the cherry on the proverbial cake that will keep Kavanaugh out of the Supreme Court.

You can read the full letter by the faculty of Yale Law School here.

Featured image via YouTube