GOP Sen Murkowski Refuses To Vote On Kavanaugh & Her Stipulation Has Her Party Livid


Most Republicans are unscrupulous people who have no morals. As long as they can win whatever they’re trying to win, they have no qualms about getting dirty in the process. For example, they have no problem ignoring that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may have sexually assaulted a woman when they were in school together. But Republican Lisa Murkowski has a problem just giving Kavanaugh a pass, and wants to hear from his victim before she’ll vote to put him on the Supreme Court.

Today she told CNN

‘What I have to do next week, assuming that the hearing moves forward, which I am truly hoping it does, that is the end, hopefully, of this vetting process that I have been engaged in. That’s when I will make my determination in regards to Judge Kavanaugh.’

That’s more than what most other Republicans are willing to do…most would rather simply dismiss Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation and move straight to voting Kavanaugh on to the bench. It doesn’t bother them that Kavanaugh may have sexually assaulted someone, they just want to make sure he’ll be sitting on the court and ruling the way they want him to rule for the next 20 or 30 years.

Murkowski went on to say:

‘I think that where we are right now with the Senate and Judiciary Committee particularly, going through its process, a process that hopefully will allow for an airing of the allegations Dr. Ford has submitted in writing … but equally important is a fair opportunity for Judge Kavanaugh to respond. That’s what we should be focusing on.’

The problem with that statement is that it sounds like if Kavanaugh says he didn’t do it, she’ll probably vote for him to be confirmed anyway. Only time will tell what she’s going to do. If she acts like the normal unscrupulous Republican, Ford’s testimony will mean nothing and we’ll have a new justice sooner rather than later.

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