Trump Told Spanish Foreign Ministry To Build Border Wall Across Africa To Stop Immigration


No matter how many times it has been pointed out to Donald Trump that a border wall across Mexico is an ineffective way to deal with immigration issues and would be a massive waste of taxpayer dollars, he does not listen. Apparently, he’s now suggesting his same ineffective and racist policies to other countries, as well.

According to ABC News:

‘A ministry official told ABC News that Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell spoke at a lunch event this week in Madrid about Trump’s purported remarks on the desert, which Borrell said the president made during his June visit to the United States.

‘“The border with the Sahara cannot be bigger than our border with Mexico,” Borrell said Trump told him this summer, according to the ministry official.’

Not only is the Sahara Desert more than double the length of the U.S./Mexico border, the vast majority of people migrating to Europe do not come from countries south of the Sahara, which are countries Trump has referred to in the past as “sh*thole countries.”

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Neither Syria, nor Iraq, Afghanistan, or Pakistan are south of the Sahara Desert. A wall there would not cut immigration to Europe by much, and the number of migrants crossing into Europe have dropped significantly in recent years, anyway.

To make Trump’s proposal even more absurd, Europe “does not have sovereignty over the desert.” They could not build a wall across the Sahara even if they did think that would cut down on migration, even if Trump does believe that an elected leader can do whatever they want.

Trump’s proposal was met with derision, just as it should have been. It’s just too bad more Americans don’t realize how ignorant and racist he is when it comes to immigration or pretty much anything else.

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