Trump Tweets Ridiculous Video Of Himself Talking ‘A lot About Everything’ Like A Clown


Mr. Trump has been trying to fool Americans about the economy for a while now. “Economists, experts and business leaders are sounding the alarm” and predicting that the president’s dangerous trade war is gong to cause the global economy take a huge hit in 2019. Economic growth will stall and the price of everyday goods will certainly increase.

However, Trump is still touting the economy as being prosperous despite all of this. On Friday, he tweeted a video of himself talking about  “consumer sentiment” and how it has been the highest in 17 years.

Trump said:

‘Consumer sentiment is like the spirit people have for investing, and for the country and for what they’re going to buy. It means a lot about jobs. It means a lot about everything.’

It isn’t entirely clear what Trump was really talking about here but as Americans, we can know that “it means a lot about everything” whatever that means.

In his usual third grade language, he went on to say:

‘During the past administration, it went down very substantially in 2015. So we’re happy about it. We’re on our way to a very very special period in our country’s life. When consumer sentiment goes up, that means people are feeling really good.’

Also, it is unclear what people “are feeling really good” about. It seems highly likely that consumers are going to see a drastic increase in prices to offset Mr. Trump’s trade war. According to CBS News:

‘Walmart earlier this month said it may temper investments in U.S. job growth and raise prices for consumers. General Motors warned this summer the potential auto tariffs would lead to “a smaller GM” and fewer jobs. And just this week, Jack Ma, the co-founder and chairman of Alibaba, said the Chinese e-commerce giant will no longer commit to creating 1 million jobs in the U.S., blaming the deepening trade war.’

Here’s what Twitter had to say:

Featured image is a screenshot from Twitter