BREAKING: Senate Judiciary Spokesman In Kavanaugh Hearing Resigns Suddenly


The accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh are not going away, even if an entire team of rapists, sexual abusers, and rape apologists try to downplay and deny them. Trump can make ridiculous and cruel statements about how Dr. Christine Blasey Ford should’ve reported her assault to the police 35 years ago, and Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley can insist that Kavanaugh’s accuser is just “mixed up,” but women like Dr. Ford are no longer staying silent and no longer accepting excuses.

According to NBC News:

‘Garrett Ventry, 29, who served as a communications aide to the committee chaired by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, had been helping coordinate the majority party’s messaging in the wake of Christine Blasey Ford’s claim that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her 36 years ago at a high school party. In a response to NBC News, Ventry denied any past “allegations of misconduct.”‘

In a statement released by Ventry’s spokespeople, they said:

‘While (Ventry) strongly denies allegations of wrongdoing, he decided to resign to avoid causing any distraction from the work of the committee.’

However, Ventry resigned from more than just the position of spokesman for the committee. He also quit his regular job, as well.

‘Ventry also resigned Saturday from the public relations company where he had been on a temporary leave of absence to work for the Judiciary Committee, a company spokesman told NBC News.’

Before working for the PR company, Ventry had formerly worked in the office of the North Carolina House Majority Leader John Bell, who fired him not long after he was fired.

‘Sources familiar with the situation said Ventry was let go from Bell’s office after parts of his résumé were found to have been embellished, and because he faced an accusation of sexual harassment from a female employee of the North Carolina General Assembly’s Republican staff.

‘Ventry’s termination was described to NBC News as unusually swift for an office with little overall turnover.

‘“It caused a lot of staff drama. It was the chatter of the staff,” the source told NBC News. “The whole thing got turned into a he said, she said, and then Garrett was fired.”’

It seems as if there is a whole lot of “he said, she said” around the GOP Senate these days.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube