Michael Avenatti Drops 2nd Kavanaugh Victim Bombshell On Twitter – Trump Tailspins


Michael Avenatti has made quite a name for himself taking on a certain corrupt president, namely Donald Trump and those in his crime syndicate. When Avenatti hints that he has damning information on someone, his hints always pan out. After what Avenatti tweeted today Brett Kavanaugh should be quaking in his shoes. Avenatti hinted that the woman who accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, isn’t the only woman who has suffered at the hands of Kavanaugh.

His second tweet on the subject indicated that he may be getting involved in the case too.

“This will be yet another example of why we used it–because it works!” sounds like something Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t want to hear. Most people don’t realize that a sexual predator very rarely ever has only one victim. From the way Avenatti is talking at least one other woman has come forward to say that Kavanaugh attacked her too. It’s possible this other victim hired Avenatti to represent her before she goes public too.

For those who don’t know, Avenatti became a household name after he started representing the adult actress Stormy Daniels in a case against Michael Cohen and Donald Trump after they paid her hush money so she wouldn’t talk about her affair with Trump. Once Avenatti took her case it became highly publicized and he ended up as a guest on nearly every 24-hour news station many times every day.

One thing is certain…when Avenatti starts talking about something, people really start to pay attention. He really knows what he’s doing and the Twitterverse seems to know it’s true too.

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