Republican Rep. Makes Sexual Assault Joke & Gets Verbally Slaughtered Immediately


Republicans love nothing better than to legislate their religious morals onto the rest of us. It’s funny though that the supposedly pious Republicans think they’re the party of law and order…oh and family values too. But the joke that Representative Ralph Norman (R-SC) told this week certainly wouldn’t be considered anywhere close to family values.

In one single sentence, Norman reduced sexual assault to nothing but a joke. He was also making light of Christine Blasey Ford’s admission that she had been sexually assaulted by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Norman’s family values crowd thought the joke was pretty funny though. Maybe they expect other people to practice family values while they sit and laugh at a crass joke.

Apparently, Norman received some criticism for his joke because he later posted a tweet telling people to lighten up.

He thinks that a woman standing up and talking about her sexual assault makes Washington “circus-like.” With the way Republicans act I guess we really shouldn’t expect any better from them. They turn their backs or simply ignore Donald Trump’s alleged political crimes, and the fact that Trump himself has been accused of sexually assaulting at least 19 women, so why would they care about assault victims now? It’s apparent that they don’t.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg is one of the Supreme Court’s most brilliant minds and people shouldn’t be picking on her either. Yes, she’s of advanced age, but in most countries they value people like her. But Republicans just wish she’d just go away so they could replace her on the court with another right-wing, extremist justice, so they could force more of their religious beliefs on the rest of us.

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