Trump Releases Twitter Video Full Of Lies & Gets Brutally Annihilated Via Swift Karma


The president of the United States has this new thing he likes to do, especially since his public appearances always go so well, according to him. Regardless of the fact that Trump is well known for his fails at public speaking, The Donald has decided to start making short videos to post on his Twitter page. The videos, which focus on various issues, are filmed outside the White House, and always feature a very stern looking Trump.

Check out this one from Saturday morning:

In the video, Trump claims that wages in the U.S. have suddenly gone up, and apparently unilaterally. The very vague claims seemingly states that people in every state will immediately start making more money per hour. These are claims that we cannot, however, back up. Trump has claimed wage increases numerous times since taking office.

People on Twitter were pretty annoyed with the arrogance that went into this video, which is obviously aimed at citizens of low intelligence, also known as Trump’s uneducated masses.

We saved the best Twitter reactions for you below: