Trump Tweets Weekend Video Of Himself Like An Arrogant Old Loser & Gets Rejected


Apparently, Mr. Trump is enjoying the Twitter videos he has been making of himself, which must boost his ego. On Friday, he tweeted a video of himself talking about “consumer sentiment,” trying to falsely convey the idea that the economy is thriving in the midst of his all-out trade war with China, Canada, and Mexico.

Now, on Saturday, he has tweeted another video of himself talking about the United Nations. He said:

‘Next week, I’m going to be at the United Nations in New York. And I’ve always said the United Nations has tremendous potential but it has not lived up to that potential.’

He went on to ramble about the fact that he is surprised that more things don’t get done by the United Nations because you have all of these people from different countries coming together in one location.

Trump concluded his video, saying:

‘We’re going to make a speech. We’re going to have many meetings. A lot of good things can happen.’

Among the “good things” that many people would hope would happen is that Mr. Trump gets thrown out of office on the basis that he is a severely incompetent criminal, worthy of UN intervention.

The reality is that the United Nations are gearing up for another clash with Mr. Trump over Iran, global trade and Trump’s “America first” view of foreign policy.  Trump is expected to deliver a series of speeches that push hard against Iran. According to USA Today:

‘Part of his mission will be to persuade skeptical allies to back his decision four months ago to yank the U.S. out of a controversial deal to limit Iran’s nuclear program.’

Here’s what Twitter had to say to Trump:

Featured image is a screenshot from Twitter