Racist Brawl Erupts At Cubs Game After White Drunks Attack Hispanic Fans (VIDEO)


Mr. Trump’s racist hate-filled rhetoric and continual insistence on a border wall has created anything but a climate that is hospitable to Latinos let alone any immigrant at this point in time. Sadly, there seem to be more violent racially-charged incidents popping up around the country.

On Monday, a video surfaced of white drunk men attacking a group of Hispanics at Wrigley Field on Hispanic Heritage Night. A white man and his friends arrived at the Chicago Cubs game drunk and the events of the night took a nasty turn. On the video, a white man is shown yelling:

‘Beaners! Spics!

‘Don’t record me!’

Another voice can be heard yelling:

‘You F*kin spics!’

Someone yells back:


Racist white drunks attack Hispanics at a Chicago Cubs game

BREAKING: New video shows drunk, racist white men attacking Hispanic fans at a Chicago Cubs game on HIspanic heritage night. Then, all hell broke loose…Video by Occupy Democrats. Follow us for more!

Posted by Occupy Democrats on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

An all-out brawl breaks out and security workers wearing red shirts can be seen struggling to break up the huge fight. At one point, one of the instigators complains about being punched in the face during the fight that he and buddies incited. He yells:

‘Bro he smacked me in the face. He hit me in the face!

‘He smacked me in the face and he f*king hit me!’

A Latina woman yells back:

‘You and you and you will never know what it’s like!

‘So f*ck  you!’

According to The Chicago Sun Times:

‘The incident began following the Cubs’ 5-1 loss to the Pirates. The game featured specially priced tickets, which included t-shirts saying “Los Cubs.”

‘Danny Rockett — who hosts a Cubs podcast called The Son Ranto Show — began videotaping as at least a half-dozen people got involved in a melee while others tried to pull them away from each other. The scene unfolds in the left-field bleachers in a largely empty stadium; organ music can be heard in the background.’

Rockett was asked on Twitter about what he thought started the fight. He responded:


However, when interviewed by The Sun Times, he said:

‘I really don’t know. Probably just drunks going back and forth. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary really until it was a melee.’

Cubs spokesman Julian Green said that all parties were removed from Wrigley after the fight which started about 15 minutes after the game ended. Security interviewed the outside and he said no one wanted to press charges. Green said:

‘There was some bantering back and forth during the game, no one was forthcoming about who started it.’

In addition, Green said:

‘(The Cubs) have zero tolerance against fighting and insensitive language and behavior. … Both parties were informed by police and security that they are not welcomed back to the stadium for 2018.’

He also denied a woman’s claim that the Cubs’ security guards were taking “the white people’s side.” Also, despite a security guard yelling for the fan who was recording to put down his phone, Green said there is no policy against videotaping at Wrigley Field, and he said:

‘We will brief our staff about that.’

The irony is that in Trump’s world, people cannot even attend a baseball game in peace which is as American as apple pie.

Featured image is a screenshot from Facebook