Trump Attends Official Post-U.N. Luncheon, Gets Humiliated When It’s Time For Applause


Donald Trump has had a really bad day, and it’s only dinner time. He started his day getting laughed at by world leaders during a United Nations speech in which he claimed that his administration had made more progress than any other administration in history. The crowd audibly chuckled as Trump told blatant and easily fact-checked lies to which Trump responded, “I didn’t expect” that reaction.

After that nightmare, Trump gave a speech at a “Luncheon Hosted by the Secretary-General of the United Nations,” according to the video Trump released on his Twitter page. In that video, the president gave a short, yet very phony speech, and when it ended, it was obvious that the crowd was less than enthused.

Check out the video below and listen for the applause at the end:

Trump is two for two, but that didn’t stop him from posting the video himself. People in the Twitterverse were pretty annoyed too, and the reactions on his post spoke volumes as to how fed up people are. We saved the best responses for you below: