Trump Just Got Laughed At During Arrogant Speech At U.N. & Thought He Told A Joke


Tuesday, President Donald Trump spoke before the United Nations General Assembly. This year, he didn’t bring a message of blasting an entire country off the face of the earth, but his remarks were still familiarly Trump-ian. He brought his obsession with hyperbole to the body, as he has done in the past — and got laughed at, literally.

During his remarks, he commented:

‘In less than 2 years my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country — so true.’

The room, packed with diplomats and leaders from across the globe, erupted in a gradually swelling surge of laughter. As the laughs became more prominent, Trump paused, quipping:

‘Didn’t expect that reaction, but okay.’

Check it out below.

The incident is hardly the first in which Trump has brought forth some kind of outlandish claim. He has regularly asserted, for instance, that the Russia investigation is among the worst things to happen to a president, ever — even though some U.S. leaders have literally been shot dead.

He has also previously claimed before that his administration is among the greatest in American history. For instance, he’s asserted to have better favorability poll numbers than Abraham Lincoln — although presidential approval polls did not exist during Lincoln’s presidency. Trump just made it up.

It’s not the only laughable concept the president presented in his Tuesday speech. For instance, he also claimed that his military budget is the biggest in the country’s history, he’s began construction of his border wall, and he’s presided over the creation of half a million manufacturing jobs since taking office.

Journalist Daniel Dale explains that every single one of those statements is a lie.

ddale Trump Just Got Laughed At During Arrogant Speech At U.N. & Thought He Told A Joke Donald Trump Politics Top Stories

In short, the United States has literally become the laughingstock of the world under Trump’s “leadership.”

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