Federal Court Thwarts Trump & Announces Obama Law Fully Valid


The Trump administration may be well known for wanting to undo every bit of President Obama’s legacy; however, let it be known the federal courts have a way of forcing Trump’s administration to abide by regulations created under Obama’s tenure especially when it comes to the environment.

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In a move that will likely tick Trump off, the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has ordered the EPA to begin implementing the Risk Management Plan rule, which was created at the end of the Obama presidency.

The rule was created to require chemical plants to become more prepared for disasters involving “increased communications and preparedness local first responders, more transparency to the public and better investigation of incidents.”

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This is understandably a problem when you are attempting to stuff your pockets full of cash and are probably cutting corners to save on costs.

The order reads:

‘Because EPA has not engaged in reasoned decisionmaking, its promulgation of the delay rule is arbitrary and capricious.’

The EPA has attempted to delay the implementation claiming it takes “coordination between thousands of regulated parties and the local governments and emergency response entities in their specific locations, many of which require … guidance and clarity regarding their role and obligations in the coordination process.’

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However, many feel a delay would cause irreparable harm to the environment and the safety of the public.

Back in August, the court wrote:

‘Petitioners and the public have a strong interest in the court’s mandate issuing promptly, due to the serious and irreparable harm and imminent threats to public health and safety that EPA’s Delay Rule is causing.’

Back in May, the EPA unveiled ideas on repealing aspects of the chemical plant rule, which was created after an explosion at the West Fertilizer Company explosion in West, Texas.

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According to the EPA website, the RMP rule “requires facilities that use extremely hazardous substances to develop a Risk Management Plan. These plans must be revised and resubmitted to EPA every five years.” Within those plans, companies would be required to note what sort of effects a chemical spill could cause, how they would try to prevent such an accident, and already have emergency response procedures in place.

An RMP would also be required to provide a history of accidents within the last five years.

These are all things most would think were already required and being implemented just out of basic safety; however, you have an entire presidential administration trying to fight providing what honestly seems like basic safety protocols for events that could cause widespread death and destruction.

That’s what you get, however, when you put a party in power that worships at the feet of current economic prosperity over the plight of the human condition in the future. It doesn’t matter if the rules seem almost like basic common sense. It affects the bottom line of the dollar going into elitist pockets. Therefore, it must be overturned.

Thank goodness there are still people in power who can power check this corrupt administration.

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