Kavanaugh Gang Rape & Drugging Details Announced By Another Victim


A sexual abuser very rarely only has one victim. From the day that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford came forward with her accusation against current SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his friend, Mark Judge, it was inevitable that more victims would appear. The second was Deborah Ramirez, and now a third is coming to light through attorney Michael Avenatti.

According to CNBC:

‘A third accuser of Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh on Wednesday publicly identified herself and alleged that Kavanaugh and others while in high school spiked the drinks of girls at parties to make it easier for them to be gang raped.

‘The woman, Julie Swetnick, said Kavanaugh was in line with other boys, including his close friend Mark Judge, waiting to rape those girls at “many” parties, and that she once became a victim herself. The allegations were detailed in an affidavit released by her lawyer, Michael Avenatti.

‘Swetnick’s stunning claims, made on the eve of a Senate committee hearing for Kavanaugh and another accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, came in an affidavit to a Senate staffer that was released by her lawyer. Ford claims Kavanuagh held her down on a bed and groped her during a gathering in the 1980s while another boy watched.’

What is also inevitable is that the GOP will insist that these women are lying. Removing all political considerations from this fight, three women have now come forward to speak out against a powerful man and are being denigrated, insulted, disbelieved, and even threatened as a result. It isn’t a surprise or an anomaly, it’s the reason the #MeToo movement exists.

Twitter reacted in full force to Avenatti’s announcement. Read their comments below:

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