New Accuser Makes Brett Kavanaugh Sex Allegation When He Was Adult


Last Monday, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford came forward with allegations that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her during a high school party in the early 1980’s. Records also came forth on Wednesday showing that she passed a polygraph test regarding those accusations.

Since Ford, two additional victims- Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick –  have come forward with allegations against Judge Kavanaugh. However, on Thursday, it was confirmed that the Senate is now investigating a fourth allegation that Kavanaugh physically assaulted a woman in a bar.

According to NBC News:

‘Republican Senate investigators asked Kavanaugh about the new complaint, NBC News has learned, during a phone call on Tuesday between Kavanaugh and committee staff. Sources told NBC News that Kavanaugh denied the allegation in the letter during the call and a spokesman for the committee declined to comment.’

The sender of the complaint, writes about a complaint that her daughter alleges took place in 1998, saying:

‘When they left the bar (under the influence of alcohol) they were all shocked when Brett Kavanaugh, shoved her friend up against the wall very aggressively and sexually.

‘There were at least four witnesses including my daughter.’
On Wednesday, Mr. Trump said that he would consider withdrawing Kavanaugh’s nomination “thought he was guilty of something like this.” However, the president continues to defend and praise Judge Kavanaugh, and has criticized Dr. Ford for not coming forward with the allegations earlier. He gave a news conference on Wednesday.

Ford is set to testify on Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee. She claims that Kavanaugh pinned her down while they were in a suburban home in Maryland, attempted to remove her clothing, and put his hand over her mouth when she tried to scream.
NBC also reported:
‘In a letter to the committee, Ford says that she thought she would be killed and that he had attempted to rape her. She has also said that Mark Judge was a witness and participant in the alleged assault. Kavanaugh has said it is possible he may have met her but he denied the accusation.’
Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee and would not comment on whether there was any additional information she was aware of. However, she said:
‘There are certain areas that I’ve been interested in. He could be perjuring himself because of his response to my question about whether he had ever (engaged in sexual misconduct) as an adult. He could have perjured himself.’
Kavanaugh’s second accuser, Deborah Ramirez, of Boulder, Colorado, alleges that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a party while they were attending college at Yale University.
The third woman accusing Kavanaugh says that she was at a party during the 1980-81 time period where Kavanaugh was present when she was victim of a “gang rape.” She also said that she witnessed him fondle girls often at drunken weekend parties.
Kavanaugh has so far denied all three of the sexual assault allegations.
Here are a few comments from Twitter:
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