Massive Texas Coal Plant Announces Closure After Trump Promises Job Safety


Donald Trump has been touting his support of coal miners since before he won the presidency, promising to bring back a coal-dominated energy industry, regardless of more modern methods that are more environmentally friendly. He swore to coal workers that their jobs would be safe, even if they wouldn’t be safe in their jobs. That was seemingly all that mattered to people in any black field of energy, and Trump soon won the coveted Oval Office seat.

Now, multiple coal plants have announced that they are unable to compete in the energy market. One such plant is the Oklaunion plant in Vernon, Texas.


American Electric Power Texas spokesman Greg Blair gave a statement to the media saying:

“The owners voted to close the plant between April and Oct. of 2020. There’s a lot more approvals that need to be gotten before that happens, but really the plant was no longer competitive in the ERCOT market.”

The Houston Chronicle reports:

“It would grow a list of at least five coal-fired power plants that have either closed or announced their closure date. Three were shut down by Luminant in early 2018, which cited low prices as the reason for closing the plants. Another run by San Antonio’s city-owned utility, CPS Energy, will close by the end of the year instead of spending hundreds of millions of dollars on environmental controls.”