Baby Trump Blimp Hits The Trail Again & His Next Target Has Mike Pence Squirming


Back in July, a blimp depicting a crying baby Donald in a diaper made its debut in London during Trump’s first official visit, which was met with a massive crowd of protesters that some say was larger than Trump’s own inauguration crowd.

After receiving permission from city officials, the 20-foot inflatable diaper-clad baby holding a cell phone took off over the Parliament Building, receiving worldwide attention and embarrassing the real baby Trump in the process.

Since its unveiling in London, several replicas of the Trump Baby blimp have been made, and one of them will be flown this Tuesday near a re-election bid event held for Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R-Wash) where VP Mike Pence will be speaking.

BabyBimp Baby Trump Blimp Hits The Trail Again & His Next Target Has Mike Pence Squirming Donald Trump Featured Protest Russia Top Stories
Trump Baby being prepped for take-off! Image via YouTube

According to The Hill:

‘The blimp is being flown on behalf of Backbone Campaign, a local Democratic-aligned group supporting the congresswoman’s Democratic opponent, Lisa Brown, according to the group’s Facebook page.’

Miniature versions of the blimp have been made and are being sold by a Progressive PAC ahead of protests all over the world. The blimp is a smaller Trump Baby complete with pro-Russia tattoos and a tiny cell phone tucked into his diaper. Mad Dog PAC and balloon creator Claude Taylor stated:

‘Trump is a giant baby and he’s a baby owned by [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, which is even worse. I’m not trying to be subtle here, we’re sending a very direct message that president trump is an asset of a hostile foreign government.’

Here’s an example of one being given away, with a link to where you can order one:

However Pence might respond to the Trump Baby blimp this Tuesday, we’re sure that the Baby-in-Chief will hate every bit of it! We can’t wait for his reaction.

Featured image via YouTube