Christine Blasey Ford’s Family Speaks Out Publicly After Vicious Right-Wing Attacks


On Thursday, after two long weeks of wondering what to expect, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford appeared before the Judicial Committee and gave her sworn testimony about the horrific attack she allegedly endured by SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, when she was only 15-years-old.

Struggling to hold back tears and with her voice shaking, she stood in front of the committee as well as the rest of the world and bravely stated the details of her assault and the events that followed, including the post-traumatic stress, fear, and depression that she endured for many years after the attack.

After her emotional testimony, the committee allowed Brett Kavanaugh his chance to defend himself and as you can imagine —  with the committee majority being white male Republicans — it was a total boys club moment, complete with tantrums and yelling in addition to evangelical prayers to Jesus. In a word, it was RIDICULOUS.

After all of that you’d think the committee would have no problem withdrawing Kavanaugh’s nomination, or at least delaying it a bit longer in order to hear all the facts, but no… that’s not how it went. On Friday, the committee voted in favor of Kavanaugh’s confirmation and sent the vote to the Senate.

As expected, this did not go over well with Democrats or survivors of sexual assault from all over the world, but most of all — it did not go over well with Dr. Ford’s family.

On Friday, after the emotional whirlwind of the past two days, Dr. Ford’s family sat down for an interview with CNN’s Kate Bouldan and called Judge Kavanaugh’s performance “evasive” and “incohesive” stating that the odd things he said didn’t seem to fit the narrative. They also called him “defensive” and “belligerent” which seems to be the opinion of a large majority of anyone who watched it.

During his testimony, Kavanaugh tried to pull at heartstrings by using his little daughter as a pawn saying that “little Liza, all of ten years old, said we should pray for the woman” despite what she was doing to his family.

In response to that, Dr. Ford’s sister-in-law, Debra Ford Peters, said:

‘I had a hard time understanding his emotions. So, I think it sounds nice that he has no ill will, but it seemed kind of out of place and I didn’t feel like he was really relating to [Dr. Ford] as a person most of the time.’

Peters continued:

‘There wasn’t much narrative about how they knew each other or how this might have gotten interpreted by him versus her. So, I felt like he was extremely defensive even to the point of being belligerent earlier and then he would come out with this emotion. It just didn’t seem very cohesive in the narrative.’

Watch the full video via CNN below:

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