Trump Tweets After Calling For FBI Investigation Into Kavanaugh & It’s Shady As Hell


Donald Trump thinks he is really good at manipulating simply because he has mystified 30% of the nation into believing whatever he says, or just voting for him to continue the pattern of white dominance in government systems. What he doesn’t seem to understand, or simply doesn’t care, is that the rest of the country can see right through all of his shenanigans and playground antics, to the heart of the matter, which makes what the president just tweeted, a possibly very ominous warning of the trickery yet to come.

Trump himself called for an FBI investigation into the claims against Brett Kavanaugh Friday afternoon; a move that literally no one saw coming. Shortly afterwards, he released this tweet, seemingly very confident that Kavanaugh will survive a federal investigation, a far cry from the desperation Republicans have been cloaked in throughout this entire process.

Suddenly, they want an investigation, or maybe the president has some bright idea he’s not letting the others in on. Trump has been strangely quiet in the last 48 hours, and in a statement to the press on Friday, he pretended that he hadn’t been watching the hearing at all.

Twitter users were none too pleased either, and we saved some of the best reactions to Trump’s tweet for you below: