Ruth Bader Ginsburg Releases #MeToo Statement That Has Republicans Clamoring


The United States continues to grapple with the rampant problem of sexual harassment and assault, an effort that has culminated in what’s known as the #MeToo movement. The majority of sexual assaults go unreported, but throughout recent months — and years — high profile men have finally begun to face some accountability for their actions. Victims across the nation — and world — have begun saying “me too.”

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinks that’s a wonderful development. Speaking last Wednesday night to first year law students at Georgetown University, she explained her own experience, commenting:

‘Every woman of my vintage has not just one story but many stories, but we thought there was nothing you could do about it – boys will be boys – so just find a way to get out of it.’

Now, though, she’s reassured by society finally kicking — or at least trying to kick — the “boys will be boys” idea to the curb. In her own words, she’s cheered on the development, noting:

‘So it was one complaint, and then one after another the complaints mounted. So women nowadays are not silent about bad behavior.’

Her comments emerge on the national scene in the midst of a national reckoning with the idea that President Donald Trump and Republicans want to put a credibly accused sexual predator — Brett Kavanaugh — on the U.S. Supreme Court, the very body she serves on.

He’s facing credible accusations from three women of carrying on with sexually predatory behavior throughout his younger years, the burden of which they’ve had to carry with them throughout all the years since.

Thursday morning, the first Kavanaugh victim to come forward, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee for the first time. She faced questioning from Republican Senators designed to poke holes in her story as if she’s being cross-examined as part of a criminal trial, while Democrats sought to steer the proceedings back on course. They alternated between questions meant to point out the strength of Ford’s account and assertions that the matter should be handled by the credible investigative authorities at the FBI.

Years ago, when during his own confirmation hearings, current U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas faced his own very credible allegations of sexual misconduct, the FBI handled an investigation, but now, Republicans only caved after massive public pressure to that.

Overall, they’re just digging into their repugnant positions. A Wisconsin segment of the Republican Party went so far as to make a “joke” on social media centering on the make-believe that Ginsburg herself claimed to have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Abraham Lincoln — because to them, that’s funny apparently.

In reality, millions upon millions of Americans from all walks of life face sexual harassment and assault daily. The case surrounding Judge Kavanaugh — who Ginsburg did not mention by name Wednesday night — has highlighted a very personal issue for large numbers of Americans. She, and other prominent Democrats have distinguished themselves by responding seriously to the issue, while Republicans continue to run and hide in the face of reality.

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