Trump Jr. Spazzes Out & Defends Kanye West During Sunday Twitter Freak Out


It’s become the most recognizable right-wing strategy to cry victimhood when confronted for provocative and inflammatory statements, so recognizable that right-wing figures like Tomi Lahren, Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopolous, Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, and a host of others have made names for themselves by using it.

Enter Donald Trump, Jr. and his defense of Kanye West, even after his “slavery was a choice” nonsense.

Perhaps this was the trouble in Nazi Germany: we just weren’t tolerant enough of those views. Maybe we just had too much of a sense of right and wrong back then, when we didn’t see the opposing side’s views as legitimate or worthy of debate.

Or perhaps Kanye West just had some albums and shoes to sell, and he found a way to get a lot of attention and keep his name in the media.

The right currently has a president in the White House, control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and won a majority of governorships and other state and local elections in 2016. Yet, they’re somehow still crying about marginalization when they say provocative things that provoke a response.

Sexual assault, racism, misogyny, the wealth gap, and lack of healthcare are all issues that the left uses to “play the victim card” and act like a bunch of “snowflakes,” but the real victims, in Junior’s mind, are men like Junior and Kanye, who face backlash from people who confront them when they say horrible things.

No one bullied Kanye into not wearing that hat onstage. He wore it, he called for a “dialogue” (about slavery being a choice?), and called everyone who disagrees with him too intolerant and closed-minded. He did what he wanted to do for attention, and now he’s angry that he got attention. His biggest defenders are the two biggest attention-grubbers in the Trump family: Donald and Donald, Jr.

Twitter was having none of it. Read some of their responses below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube