BREAKING: Kavanaugh Bar Visit Ends In Drunken Violence


Brett Kavanaugh is not America’s favorite person right now, and now we’re learning that he has possibly never been a favorite among normal people who don’t like drunken frat boys. According to one of Kavanaugh’s classmates, a visit to a bar in their college days ended in an all-out brawl after Kavanaugh’s fragile masculinity was challenged.

A report from Bloomberg Monday reveals that Brett Kavanaugh and a few pals from Yale went to an off-campus bar after a UB40 concert on September 25th, 1985. According to the article:

“They had just come from seeing the English reggae band UB40 at a nearby venue in New Haven, Connecticut, when they saw a man who resembled the lead singer. The man told the trio he wasn’t the singer and brusquely told them to stop looking at him. Kavanaugh couldn’t let the comment pass, according to one of the two friends with Kavanaugh that night.”

Former classmate Charles Ludington was there that night. He says that:

“He looked at us looking at him and said in sort of an aggressive manner, ‘What are you guys looking at?’ And I said, sort of apologetically, ‘Sorry, we thought maybe you were the lead singer of UB40.’”

“The next thing you know, Brett throws his beer at the guy. The guy swings at Brett.”

The next part of the story directly correlates with Brett Kavanaugh’s behavior during his senate hearing testimony days ago, in which he became extremely hostile, even snarling at Senate Democrats for “ruining his life.” The article continues:

“Kavanaugh first cursed at the man. After the man responded in kind, Kavanaugh threw a beer in his face, said Charles Ludington, a former Yale basketball player who’s now a history professor at North Carolina State University. The act precipitated a brawl that drew in their other friend — Yale basketball star and future NBA player Chris Dudley — and eventually prompted a call to police.”

According to Ludington, being “belligerent and aggressive” was a normal thing when Brett Kavanaugh was drinking. the former classmate recalls that, “it was sort of a general feature of hanging out with Brett in college. When you’re having beers on a Friday or Saturday night, that was kind of Brett’s shtick. He was aggressive. He was belligerent.”

The NY Times reported that a police report from the incident has been located, and that it proves that Kavanaugh was questioned by police, but was not arrested after the victim claimed Kavanaugh threw ice at him. The witness the White House is using to attest to Kavanaugh’s character, athlete Chris Dudley, is accused of hitting someone in the head with a beer mug in the same report, causing injuries that needed medical treatment.

Dudley released the following statement Monday:

“I will say it again, we drank in college. I was with Brett frequently in college, whether it be in the gym, in class or socializing. I never ever saw Brett blackout. Not one time. I would also like to point out that going out never came before working hard and maintaining our focus on our goals.”