Joe Biden Releases A Warning About The Republican Party That Has GOP’rs Spiraling


The idea of tribal politics appears to be mostly manufactured, because at heart, people want the same things for their families and their communities. Unfortunately, Donald Trump has taken division to a new high. Still, there are honorable politicians willing to bring the country back together, like one of our favorites.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has appeal to regular people. Recently, he spoke at the Rhode Island Convention Center. He joked about his home state of Delaware:

‘I’m from that other small state. The second smallest state. You guys have a bigger population than we do.’

A union representative, Norbet Oliveira said people love Biden:

‘We love Joe Biden. Hopefully, Joe will run for president in 2020.’

The last time the former VP was in Rhode Island was in 2016. That was when he said some of Rhode Island’s greatest bridges needed urgent repair, they were being supported by “damn Lincoln logs.” This time he got down to basics:

‘The thing that your delegation has, more than almost any, is people with great character, with backbone.’

Biden called on Democrats to come out and vote at the midterm elections, because this nation’s “core values” were at risk:

‘Folks, this election is bigger than politics. That’s not hyperbole. It’s bigger than politics. The core values that built this nation are at risk.’

He did not get into the upcoming presidential election in 2020 and whether he would run. Instead, he said he believed Dr.. Christine Blasey Ford. Biden also said she deserved the FBI investigation into Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.