Millionaire Chuck Grassley Takes Tax Money From Farm Bailout


Republican politicians just hate anyone receiving welfare, and every year they tell us how we have to get rid of all the entitlements that people receive. Unfortunately, they don’t mind when rich people receive those entitlements though. Just take Senator Chuck Grassley for example. Grassley has a net worth of over three million dollars. Does anyone believe that he deserves to have “free” government money given to him? It just wouldn’t be right for a man like him to be on welfare, but that’s exactly what the government is giving him in the form of farm bailout money.

Twitter user Top Rope Travis pointed out Grassley’s hypocrisy today:

Grassley is one of the top people in the Republican party and he’s instrumental in trying to take away America’s safety net. He thinks that we should be cutting food stamps down to the bare minimum, people should lose their health insurance and Medicaid, and that we don’t need a minimum wage. But he has no problem taking $400,000 from the government for his 750-acre farm. The greed of corporate farmers should make people sick!

But here’s the big kicker to this story…the only reason that farmers are in need a bailout is because the head Republican of them all, Donald Trump, doesn’t understand how finances work. It’s his idiotic tariffs that made it impossible for America’s farmers to sell their farm goods. Just wait and see how many other types of businesses will need to be bailed out because of Trump’s ignorance.

Although Trump constantly brags about our “record” high economy, he fails to mention that our debt and deficit have skyrocketed under his leadership. He doesn’t care though, and neither do people like Chuck Grassley. As long as they get theirs, the rest of us can do without and they’re fine with that.

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