Trump Jr. Just Flipped Out On Alyssa Milano & Karma Struck Instantly


Monday night, after a very embarrassing performance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, where Kanye West was practically booed off the stage after defending Donald Trump and posting pictures of himself in a MAGA hat, popular actress and activist Alyssa Milano took to Twitter and posted this:

After her post went viral, Trump’s oldest and most racist child, Don Jr., shared Milano’s post and blasted her for it, calling her an entitled “white liberal” who hates “black free-thinkers.” He also suggested that she was a bully, which probably stems from her very open support of Christine Blasey Ford during the Kavanaugh hearings last week. Right-wingers have been whining about that for days now.

As you might have expected, the Twitterverse ripped Junior a new one for his scathing remarks, and he deserved every single negative comment.

Here are some of our favorites:

Oh yes, and don’t forget what Trump did this morning when he bullied a female reporter. This Twitter user was happy to remind Trump Jr.

I think this might be the best one:

Junior definitely had this coming!

Featured image via Twitter