Yale Classmate Says Brett Kavanaugh Perjured Himself Under Oath


Brett Kavanaugh is looking to sit on the Supreme Court for the rest of his life and judge the people of America. He would be incensed if someone appeared before him and told bold faced lies in his court room. Unfortunately, Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t want to follow his own rules, because one of his college friends held a press conference today and said that Kavanaugh lied under oath to the judicial committee. The words he used were “there were omissions in his testimony,” but they mean the same thing…he lied.

CNN carried the press conference of Charles “Chad” Ludington, who said that he had been contacted by the FBI and they sent him forms to fill out. He filled them out truthfully and apparently his story was much different from Kavanaugh’s. He said that Kavanaugh was routinely so drunk that he couldn’t remember what happened, and he (Ludington) was in the same condition himself occasionally.

Ludington also said that after the press conference today that Kavanaugh was probably a friend of his no longer. He didn’t mention anything about whether he had knowledge of Kavanaugh sexually assaulting women and he also did not say how the FBI came about calling on him, but it’s apparent that they’re really running a thorough investigation into Kavanaugh. That’s only right though…after all, having Kavanaugh confirmed to the court means that he would most likely spend the next 20 or 30 years of his life having a say over how the rest of us live our lives.

One thing has become painfully clear over the last three weeks or so, the Republicans need to find a much better candidate for the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh seems much worse than even Clarence Thomas was. His drinking, assaults, and gambling have apparently been a big problem in his life, and we the people shouldn’t be saddled with someone like him on the highest court in our land.

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