Trump Screams Single ALL CAPS Sentence On Twitter Like A Criminal


Donald Trump is becoming seriously unhinged due to recent events unfolding with his pick for Supreme Court Justice, and the upcoming midterm elections have him just as shook. Trump has been relatively quiet on Twitter since Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings started, a rarity many have chalked up to a wise staffer hiding his phone from him, but Tuesday morning, Trump decided he had a message, and he was going to shout it.

Check him out below:

Makes sense right? And for his feeble followers, that’s literally all it takes to convince them. It doesn’t matter that his is the most criminally shrouded administration in the history of American politics, or that the media has and continues to uncover unfathomable offenses, these followers have instead decided that the entire media has suddenly turned tabloid.

The president has actually convinced them that everyone else is crazy and that he is the most reliable place to get their news. Twitter users weren’t too pleased with Trump’s show of emotion, but many were amused. We saved the best responses for you below: