Kavanaugh Responds To Mockery For Weepy Testimony Like A Chud


Even for those not willing to believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, his behavior during the hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee have them concerned. Far from being the impartial, level-headed, objective judge who would be a positive addition to the bench, Kavanaugh ranted, blamed Democrats, and even suggested that President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were behind the accusations made against him.

In an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, Kavanaugh defended his outbursts.

‘I was very emotional last Thursday, more so than I have ever been. I might have been too emotional at times. I know that my tone was sharp, and I said a few things I should not have said.’

It isn’t difficult to imagine that anyone accused of a crime would be nervous or feeling pressured, but it’s how Kavanaugh handled that anxiety and pressure that took many people aback. He justified this by saying that he was there “as a son, husband and dad.” He may want to back up a bit and remember that Dr. Ford, who Kavanaugh said was credible but also lying and a Democratic operative, was there as a daughter, wife, and mother, and that she didn’t benefit from her appearance there at all.

‘After all those meetings and after my initial hearing concluded, I was subjected to wrongful and sometimes vicious allegations. My time in high school and college, more than 30 years ago, has been ridiculously distorted. My wife and daughters have faced vile and violent threats.’

Kavanaugh said that his testimony was fueled by passion, but in many of his responses, he was more angry than impassioned or fiercely defensive of his innocence. After all, no matter how many times he was asked if he would support an FBI investigation to clear his name, he refused to answer.

‘My hearing testimony was forceful and passionate. That is because I forcefully and passionately denied the allegation against me. At times, my testimony—both in my opening statement and in response to questions—reflected my overwhelming frustration at being wrongly accused, without corroboration, of horrible conduct completely contrary to my record and character.’

Finally, after repeating what he said in earlier hearing statements about the importance of impartiality in the justice system, then erasing all of that testimony by saying the allegations against him were partisan and part of a plot to get revenge for his participation in the investigation against Clinton in the 1990s, Kavanaugh tried once again to convince readers that he believes in impartiality, and that he can be an impartial judge.

‘The Supreme Court must never be viewed as a partisan institution. The justices do not sit on opposite sides of an aisle. They do not caucus in separate rooms. As I have said repeatedly, if confirmed to the court, I would be part of a team of nine, committed to deciding cases according to the Constitution and laws of the United States. I would always strive to be a team player.

‘I revere the Constitution. I believe that an independent and impartial judiciary is essential to our constitutional republic. If confirmed by the Senate to serve on the Supreme Court, I will keep an open mind in every case and always strive to preserve the Constitution of the United States and the American rule of law.’

Anyone who believes him at this point over Dr. Ford has clearly either not been paying attention or simply doesn’t care.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube