O’Rourke & Cruz Supporting Neighbors Hilariously Feud With Yard Signs


Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) used to have a firm hold on his seat in the Senate, but a charismatic, energetic U.S. Representative has been giving him a real run. Beto O’Rourke’s (D-TX) authenticity has captured the hearts of the Lone Star State residents. Some polls place him points ahead of Cruz in the upcoming mid-term election. It is war, and not only between the two candidates.

Yard signs up and down the northern portion of Texas have suffered some violence. Then, this happened:

One resident noticed a Cruz campaign sign had popped up right along his property line overnight. Michael Bond decided to try something different with his neighbor Steve Mitchel. The two are not only neighbors, but they are also friends.

Bond laughed, KHOU 11 television station reported:

‘I thought why the hell did he have to put it right in front of my house. So, I thought, what if I put “I hate” on this sign.’

With the additional sign, people passing saw two signs together reading:

‘I Hate (and) Ted Cruz.’

Mitchell was just having fun.

‘I knew it was going to get to him. I was thinking, “I’m gonna put that sign right on my side of the line.”‘

Then, Bond added another sign that read:

‘I don’t really hate Ted as an individual. I just don’t like his policies.’

Mitchell said this about his neighbor and drinking buddy:

‘He’s a great guy. We have beers together. I hope people take that away from this.’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.