Ruth Bader Ginsburg Rejects Request To Block Trump Deposition


While all the news on the Supreme Court has been focused on the nomination of alleged sexual abuser Brett Kavanaugh, other Trump messes have continued being cleaned up by the justice system. For instance, the new policy of including questions about citizenship status in the U.S. census has dragged on until reaching the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals and even the U.S. Supreme Court.

According to POLITICO:

‘Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg issued an order Friday turning down an emergency stay application the Justice Department submitted Wednesday in a bid to head off depositions of [Trump Commerce Secretary Wilbur] Ross and Justice’s top civil rights official, acting Assistant Attorney General John Gore.

‘Ginsburg’s language suggested the court would reconsider the issue once the government exhausted challenges it has brought at the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, attempting to halt the depositions ordered by a federal district court judge in Manhattan.

‘“The application is denied without prejudice, provided that the Court of Appeals will afford sufficient time for either party to seek relief in this Court before the depositions in question are taken,” the order said.’

It is unclear what consequences the rejection will have on the depositions of Ross and Gore. While the lower court has already delayed Ross’s deposition, which was originally scheduled for October 10, Gore’s deposition is still scheduled for October 11.

‘In view of Ginsburg’s order, the 2nd Circuit seems likely to allow the government time to scuttle Ross’ deposition even if the appeals court panel declines to grant DOJ’s request to block it.

‘However, Gore’s deposition next Wednesday appears set to proceed. Depending on the speed with which the 2nd Circuit acts in Ross’ case, the Justice Department might have a narrow window next Tuesday to ask the Supreme Court to block the Gore deposition, but that’s by no means assured.’

It’s decisions like these that remind the country how very important the Supreme Court really is and how much has been at stake during Kavanaugh’s confirmation to a lifetime appointment.

Featured image via Flickr by West Point – The U.S. Military Academy under a Creative Commons license