Trump Says Sex Abuse Survivors Are Paid Actors In Friday AM Freakout


Trump’s rabid fan base has spent the past few years loudly complaining about “the Hollywood elite” daring to use their massive social media platforms to speak out against the president. They claim they hate Hollywood celebrities (except for the B-list one that sits in the White House) and demand that they “shut up and entertain” everyone. Their hatred of Hollywood figures runs so deep that they form conspiracy theory websites like Q-Anon and listen to conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones tell them that everyone in Hollywood is involved in pedophilia rings (run by and participated in by the Democrats, of course).

Yet, they love right-wing celebrities like Ted Nugent and James Woods. Speaking of pedophilia, Nugent adopted a young teenage girl and then married her to avoid statutory rape charges and James Woods was called out by the daughter of another Hollywood figure for trying to proposition her when she was only fifteen.

On Friday morning, ahead of the vote for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, Trump retweeted praise by the actor James Woods’s Twitter account that referred to Trump’s presidency as a “miracle.”

There’s one big problem with that retweet. It’s not James Woods.

Woods was banned from Twitter after endless violations of Twitter policies. He retweeted a photo of a family with a transgender son and said that the son (a small child) would grow up to murder his parents by stabbing them to death. He lobbed homophobic social media attacks against gay celebrities like Anderson Cooper and Neil Patrick Harris. In short, he’s not a nice nor a respected man.

The parody account Trump retweeted, however, is even worse. For the past few weeks, that account has been on a rant against Kavanaugh’s accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, referring to her as “that drugged out hag” and spreading conspiracy theories.

Twitter caught on to Trump’s ridiculous gaffe immediately. Read some of their comments below:

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