Kavanaugh Busted Lying About Yale University Acceptance: report


When a person tells lies that are of little to no consequence, it says something about his more important statements. Are they lies, too? Here is one easily provable lie from Donald Trump’s Supreme Court (SCOTUS) nominee, Brett Kavanaugh .

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford appeared before the Senate Judicial Committee with a refined dignity. She accused Kavanaugh of attempting to rape and almost unintentionally kill her. She took an FBI-approved lie-detector test and urged the committee to ask for an FBI investigation into her allegations.

In response, Kavanaugh wiggled and squirmed as he struggle to answer questions the Democrats posed to him. The Republicans hid behind the skirts of what they called an assistant, who was really an Arizona prosecutor with deep experience in the areas of sexual abuse.

Kavanaugh claimed to have “busted his tail” when it came time for him to try for Yale Law School. He said that he earned an entrance strictly on his own behalf. As it turned out, that was not the truth.

In this lie, the nominee must have forgotten he was, indeed, a legacy attendee. Everett Edward Kavanaugh, his grandfather went to Yale for his undergraduate degree. The yearbook entry below, from The Intercept, shows evidence of his grandson’s lie:

Kavanaugh added a myriad of lies  to his testimony. VOX created a graphic of how many times Kavanaugh did not answer a question. It did the same for Ford. Check it out below:

Other proof of his small lies include the nominee’s definitions in his yearbook, according to The Intercept. He said “Devil’s Triangle” referred to a drinking game. Actually, it is a “sex act involving two men and one woman.”

He claimed that “boof” referred to “flatulence”. In truth, it’s a specific method of anal insertion. Then there was “ralph,” which Kavanaugh said meant he vomited due to a weak stomach. In reality, he vomited from drinking too much alcohol.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.