Christine Blasey Ford Forced From Her Home & The Reason Is Deplorable


When Hillary Clinton said that Republican voters were a “basket of deplorables” she hit the nail on the head. Republicans see anyone who doesn’t agree with them as an enemy, and often an enemy that should die. After Dr. Christine Blasey Ford came forth with the information that then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her when the two were in high school, right-wing nut jobs started threatening her life. She was forced to move her family into hiding because the threats were so credible. Today her attorney told NBC News that Dr. Ford is still receiving threats and that it’s still not safe for her to return home yet.

Debra Katz, told NBC’s Kasie Hunt:

‘Dr. Ford’s family has been through a lot. They are not living at home. It’s going to be quite some time before they’re able to live at home. The threats have been unending. It’s deplorable. It’s been very frightening.’

During the interview Katz also denounced the one-week FBI investigation into the women’s accusations, saying it was not thorough. The FBI reportedly did not interview Ford or Kavanaugh as part of the probe.

The “investigation” was nothing but a joke. There were reportedly 45 people who had come forward with damning information about Kavanaugh and the FBI only interviewed nine people. That’s ridiculous!

As far as Dr. Ford and the death threats go, can’t conservatives see that they’ve won? Why are they still attacking a sexual assault victim? The despicable Congressional Republicans placed the proven liar and alleged sexual predator, Brett Kavanaugh, on the bench already, so they need to quit threatening Dr. Ford immediately. Now that we have an illegitimate Supreme Court that will supposedly start voting with their personal feelings instead of being guided by the law they should be happy that they got what they wanted.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube