GOP ‘Darling’ Quits Republican Party & Pens Historic Op-Ed On Way Out


Make no bones about it…the Republican party of today resembles nothing of the Republican party of old. They’ve sold their souls to the devil and have nothing to do with conservative principles anymore. That’s why another high profile Republican dumped the party today. Tom Nichols, a professor at the U.S. Naval War College and senior contributor at the right-wing publication The Federalist, announced that he would be leaving the Republican Party in a scathing op-ed to The Atlantic.

He wrote

‘Unlike Senator Susan Collins, who took pages upon pages of text on national television to tell us something we already knew, I will cut right to the chase: I am out of the Republican Party.

‘Small things sometimes matter, and Collins is among the smallest of things in the political world. And yet, she helped me finally to accept what I had been denying. Her speech on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh convinced me that the Republican Party now exists for one reason, and one reason only: for the exercise of raw political power, and not even for ends I would otherwise applaud or even support.

‘The Republicans, however, have now eclipsed the Democrats as a threat to the rule of law and to the constitutional norms of American society. They have become all about winning. Winning means not losing, and so instead of acting like a co-equal branch of government responsible for advice and consent, congressional Republicans now act like a parliamentary party facing the constant threat of a vote of no-confidence.’

Nichols also wasn’t very happy with Donald Trump’s policies, especially his idiotic tariffs, and his attacks on the FBI were way too much. He was also extremely upset with Trump over his dealings with Russia…he said that goes against everything he believes in. He’s also incensed by the way Republicans are so scared of being primaried that they’ll do the evil bidding of Trump.

‘And most important, on the rule of law, congressional Republicans have utterly collapsed. They have sold their souls, purely at Trump’s behest, living in fear of the dreaded primary challenges that would take them away from the Forbidden City and send them back home to the provinces. Yes, an anti-constitutional senator like Hirono is unnerving, but she’s a piker next to her Republican colleagues, who have completely reversed themselves on everything from the limits of executive power to the independence of the judiciary, all to serve their leader in a way that would make the most devoted cult follower of Kim Jong Un blush.’

It’s about time that a few intellectual people in the former Republican Party stand up and say enough is enough. Unfortunately for them though, it’s too little too late. The Republican Party really only exists in name only. The extremists of the party have taken it over and flushed it down the tubes. Nichols is correct that the only thing they worry about now is winning.

That win at all costs attitude started back in the 90s because of Newt Gingrich — he’s really the downfall of the party. Sadly though, conservatives have no common sense and let it happen. As long as they were winning, they were happy. Hopefully the voters of this country will make them pay dearly next month for what they’ve become.

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