GOP Leader Celebrates Kavanaugh Confirmation, ‘Get Your Coathangers Ready!’


Susan Collins explained to women that we’re all just being hysterical when we say that Brett Kavanaugh is an anti-abortion right-winger who will never challenge Roe v Wade or help dismantle it with his every vote on state laws. That makes complete sense now that anti-abortion right-wingers are celebrating, except that it doesn’t.

According to The Friendly Atheist, who caught screenshots of a city councilman in West Virginia named Eric Barber before he could delete them, women who protested Kavanaugh are not the only ones who believe Kavanaugh’s nomination is a blow to the reproductive health rights of women.

Some may remember Barber as the former Democrat who made quite a show of switching sides when city council meetings were changed to secular structures to match the requirements of religion being separate from government. That switch-over also came shortly following arrests on multiple charges.

‘His arrest on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and obstruction Monday was not Parkersburg City Councilman Eric Barber’s first brush with local law enforcement.

‘He has an outstanding warrant from Belpre Mayor’s Court for failure to appear in 2013 on a possession of marijuana charge, had his driver’s license reinstated earlier this year after a 2012 driving under the influence charge and served time in the state correctional system after pleading guilty to breaking and entering in 1999.’

In addition to his criminal behavior, Barber shares a few other commonalities with the Trump family. For instance, once he had finished bullying other people and got called out for it, he cried that he was being bullied. He even got a group admin to come and chastise those upset with his glee at women being forced back into unsafe and illegal abortions.

Barber was delighted that others had been told to leave him alone, and tried to cover his earlier statements by saying he was only referring to a pro-choice group who once threw coat hangers at him because they were “triggered” by his extremist views.


Only in the GOP can a white man elected into office also believe that he’s suffered discrimination. Barber and Trump, Jr. have a lot in common.

Featured image via Flickr by American Life League under a Creative Commons license