Trump Stops On Lawn & Mocks Sex Assault Survivor Like A Monster (VIDEO)


Republicans have spent a lot of time wringing their hands and opining about “due process” and “innocent until proven guilty” since they confirmed an alleged attempted rapist to the Supreme Court, but perhaps most ironic among the complainers is President Donald Trump.

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After a week of bragging about how well he handled the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford against his Supreme Court nominee, Trump finally broke at a rally and mocked her. Now, he’s going with the misogyny since his rabid fanbase is so delighted by it.

‘They are thinking about impeaching a brilliant jurist. A man that did nothing wrong, a man that was caught up in a hoax that was set up by the Democrats. The American public has seen this charade, has seen this dishonesty by the Democrats. And when you mention impeach a justice of the United States Supreme Court… who did nothing wrong, and there was no corroboration of any kind.’

Of course, the sexual assault is not the sole reason dissenters are calling for Kavanaugh’s impeachment; in fact, it’s not even the main reason. There are very easily proven reasons, with tons of documented evidence, that Kavanaugh is being deemed unfit to serve on the court. It isn’t just Democratic politicians saying this, either. The American Bar Association, as well as current and former SCOTUS justices, are saying the same.

The last Supreme Court justice to be impeached was Justice Samuel Chase in 1805. The reason for his impeachment? Extreme partisanship. As Kavanaugh recounted all the conspiracies against him by Democrats and the Clintons, who were out for revenge due to Kavanaugh’s participation in the Monica Lewinsky scandal that got President Clinton impeached, “extreme partisanship” was on full display.

There’s evidence of that, and it isn’t hard to find. Kavanaugh’s entire opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee is full of it.

Of course, there’s also the not small matter of Kavanaugh’s multiple, easily proven incidences of perjury. It wasn’t just his denials of sexual assault or his ridiculous explanations for terms like “devil’s triangle” (which is not a drinking game). There were numerous lies about his time serving as a federal judge, with emails and other documentation that what he was saying was false.

Of course, Trump doesn’t understand any of this. He believes that Democrats are going to come out and vote Republican in the midterms to support Brett Kavanaugh. He also believes that the protesters who stood on the steps of the Supreme Court as Kavanaugh was confirmed were all paid actors, because there really are no rape survivors.

Well, unless they were raped by immigrants or young black men, anyway.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube