Lindsey Graham & Sean Hannity Attack Hirono Over Kavanaugh Protest


Talk about an echo chamber. If you were wondering whether or not South Carolina Republican and member of the U.S. Senate Lindsey Graham really is as much of a partisan as he’s seemed lately, here’s your confirmation. He appeared yet again on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show this week and carried on with a conversation that included him ripping into Hawaii Democrat and fellow U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee member Mazie Hirono for daring to believe women.

The controversy in question erupted over the nomination — and eventual confirmation — of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. Credible sexual assault allegations emerged against Kavanaugh, but after a contentious confirmation hearing process that included plenty of angry ranting from Graham, the judge and the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate prevailed.

After Hannity fell all over Graham, lauding the outcome of the process that included what he said may have beenĀ  the “best Senate speech I’ve ever seen” from Maine Republican Susan Collins, Graham began:

‘It’s about outcomes for our friends on the left. There’s nothing they won’t do to maintain power, and there’s nothing they won’t do to take it back when they lose it… The people on the other side were going to destroy Kavanaugh if we let him, so to the extent that my intervention helped a good man who was being eroded and humiliated, I’m pleased.’

Here, we have a sitting member of the U.S. Senate essentially demonizing an entire side of the American political spectrum. Graham’s sentiment hits home for the Trump base, but for those of us remaining third party observers, it’s repugnant.

He continued:

‘If we legitimize this process, God help the next person to be nominated to the Supreme Court. If we legitimize this process, the rule of law gave way to the mob rule. The Hirono standard is horrific; what was insulting is the way that the Senator from Hawaii took everything we hold near and dear and threw it over because she didn’t like Kavanaugh.’

Yet again, Graham resorts to demonizing and dismissing the left instead of acknowledging that maybe there’s no conspiracy and they’re just really concerned about credible sexual assault allegations.

Expecting Graham to actually shift his view, though, would be a fool’s errand.

After the above, Hannity cut in, mockingly echoing a recent remark from Hirono:

‘By the way, Senator, you shouldn’t be saying that, you should shut up and sit down, she said. She said men should shut up and sit down. Shut up, Senator, and sit down.’

Graham laughed right along with Hannity, because the incessant unequal distribution of power between the sexes is a joke to him, apparently. For the record, Hirono actually said men should “shut up and step up.”

He finished his latest appearance on Hannity by tying together his remarks to a push for the midterms, having recently shared plans to hit the campaign trail:

“We’re going to take this to the ballot box. 29 days from now, you’ve got a decision to make, America. Do you want to live in the world of Senator Hirono where you’re guilty until innocent and because you’re a Republican you don’t have a presumption of innocence? Or do you want to live in the Susan Collins world where you’ll actually be heard, listened to, and evaluated?’

Watch below.

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