Michael Avenatti Challenges Trump Jr. To MMA Fight At Vanity Fair Summit


It has gotten real, folks, and you can bet Michael Avenatti isn’t joking in the slightest. He also knows that Don Jr. would never get into a ring with him unless maybe he was chased into it by a big game animal he was hunting in an enclosure. The contempt between the two is palpable during their regular Twitter fights, and it’s also pretty entertaining, according to the people who leave comments on them.

Now, another tweet has gone viral, and this one was published from the Vanity Fair Summit on Tuesday:

Can you imagine the hilarity?

Avenatti looks like he hits the gym regularly, and Trump Jr. looks like a science experiment gone wrong. The joining of the two for a brutal display of masculinity would be sad and pathetic, as well as probably the best thing you’ve ever seen in your life.

People on Twitter agree. Check out the responses to that tweet below: