Pro-Trump Media Outlet Host Busted Sending Sexual Messages To Children


There seems to be an overflowing bucket of conservative slime balls these days, and evidenced by the recent confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. With the commander-in-chief himself being accused of sexual assault, the rest are just following in line.

On Tuesday,  a group called Right Wing Watch reported that 23 year-old Michael Moates, the chairman of the DC Chronicle nonprofit news blog, made inappropriate sexual comments toward a number of teenage girls on Twitter. According to Right Wing Watch:

‘Michael Moates, a conservative writer with more than 200,000 followers online and an occasional presence in the White House press room, allegedly sent multiple inappropriate messages to teenage women in conservative circles, knowing they were underage. When the young women brought forward their allegations to several conservative media outlets, they were told to take their story elsewhere, they told Right Wing Watch.’

Purity Thomas, the 16 year-old executive director of the pro-life youth group reLOVE, came forward calling Moates “disgusting,” and said that he knew her age while “flirting” with her. She tweeted this:

Moates responded to Thomas’ statement, saying:

‘The fact that you can’t call a woman beautiful without offending them anymore is a problem.’


Thomas retweeted Moates’ comments along with some of the texts that had been sent back and forth.

Moates and Thomas had been exchanging texts about their experiences during right wing protests when Thomas says that Moates began flirting with her. It made her uncomfortable that Thomas called her “purdy” and “crazy beautiful.” Thomas says at that point, she decided she would not allow Moates near “her team” of anti-abortion activists.

In September, Moates appeared on former Trump appointee Carl Higbie’s show, and attempted to defend himself saying:

‘Yes, she was beautiful.’

According to Right Wing Watch:

‘Moates repeatedly asserted during the podcast that he did not sexually harass Thomas, although Thomas has not accused him of doing so. During the interview, Moates did not mention that Thomas was 16 years old when he made his comments to her.’

Here were some of the comments to Purity Thomas on Twitter:

After Thomas came forward with her experience with Moates, other girls began sending her texts telling her similar stories.

When 17 year-old Hadassah Cohen was new to Twitter, Moates began following her and gave her a “shout-out” on his own feed which gave Cohen a boost in followers. She messaged him to thank him but she says:

‘The conversation quickly entered inappropriate territory.’

Cohen says Moates once told her that:

‘(She) couldn’t possibly be telling the truth that I was a proud virgin, that I had indeed never kissed a boy, because I was too gorgeous for that.’

Cohen said:

‘I didn’t know what to say. I think I was kind of dumbfounded.’

She took screenshots of her exchanges with Moates and posted them on Twitter.

Cohen said:

‘It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out he wanted me to ask him questions of sexual nature. He continued to harp on me about how I didn’t have a boyfriend, how I hadn’t kissed anyone, and that it was my fault that I didn’t have a boyfriend.’

According to Purity Thomas, she and other women who had been the targets of Moates’ sexual harassment (although Thomas doesn’t identify it as such), reached out to several conservative news outlets but were turned away because Moates’ had threatened a libel lawsuit.

Thomas said:

‘We decided we should take it to conservative media. I mean, this is a conservative guy being inappropriate to conservative girls, so we have the conservatives handle this. This is their job, right? You would think. They need to man up and own one of their people.’

Featured image is a screenshot from Twitter