Trump Hints At Who Could Be His Next U.N. Ambassador – Get Your Barf Bag


In a surprise move, Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Nikki Haley announced that she would be leaving her position at year’s end. Although she told Donald Trump last week, the White House managed to keep it under wraps. Immediately, people began speculating about who would fill the position.

Haley has been one of the few strong women in the president’s orbit, and he said that she had brought “glamour” to the position at the UN. He believes that Dina Powell, too, has the glamour he appreciates in the ambassador.

Powell would be a strong contender for the position. She is a friend of Ivanka Trump and used to work in the White House as the deputy national security adviser.

Possibly, Powell would be Haley’s choice, too. The two women were seen in South Carolina together over the weekend. Powell was one of the few people who has managed to leave the White House on good terms.

Unfortunately, Chief of Staff John Kelly has been rumored to dislike both Haley and Powell. That could mean there would be an internal fight for the position. Unfortunately, Trump has been woman-light throughout his White House term.

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow suggested that the person who replaced Haley would have to be able to stride both political parties, according to The Washington Examiner:

‘I do think she may have some interest in a role like this that would truly put her on the world stage and put her focus on some more of the global issues where she may be able to have some success.’

CNN political analyst Mark Preston commented on how New York City played into considerations. Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner lived in New York City, but moved to Washington D.C. Both continue to work in the White House as Trump’s top advisors, the Washington Examiner reported:

‘There’s been talk about how her and her husband would like to get back to New York.’

On the White House grounds, Trump spoke to reporters. When one called out whether the president would consider the first daughter to fill the Secretary of the UN position, CNN reported that he replied.

‘It has nothing to do with nepotism. There’s nobody more competent in the world (than Ivanka Trump)…Dina is certainly a person I would consider.’

Even conservative talk show host, Ann Coulter, thought that Ivanka should take the job. Previously, Coulter had been critical of all of the Trump’s manning the White House.

Haley will be leaving the administration on good terms. She laid it on thick during her publicized announcement, saying that Ivanka’s husband was a “secret genius.” The woman who has handled the UN with such aplomb has managed to even disagree with Donald Trump with no serious consequences.

At this time, Haley has not announced her future plans, nor has she given any reason for leaving. Some speculate that she wanted to leave to escape the taint of Donald Trump’s administration. Others thought she might want to run in 2020 against Trump.

However, the secretary said that she would work for Trump during his presidential campaign in the upcoming election. The former governor of South Carolina knows her politics.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.