Trump Jr. Gets Smashed On Twitter By Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer & It’s Perfect


The nut does not fall far from the nut tree. Donald Trump Jr. decided to take on infamous attorney Michael Avenatti, which was a bad idea. In a feeble Twitter attack, Donald Trump’s eldest son, who happens to look just like his grandfather and familial con man Fred Trump, really stepped in it.

He tried to link Avenatti with sexual predator and former congressman, Anthony Weiner (D-NY) in a tweet. Apparently, he was making fun of Avenatti’s possible run against the sitting president in the 2020 election, pairing him with the disgraced and jailed Weiner:

‘Who else is excited about Avanetti(sic)/Weiner 2020?!? It’s gonna be Carlos Dangerous.’


Avenatti referred to Junior with a highly negative acronym. Then, the attorney suggested that the last thing the younger Donald should be doing was referring to “federal prison:”

‘Bif: If I were you, the last thing I would be doing is referencing other people getting out of federal prison. Because after you are indicted, you will likely be passing them on your way in. BTW, they don’t have silver spoons or gold toilets in the joint. Buckle up Buttercup.’

When the Russians reached out to the president’s eldest son saying they had dirt on his father’s competitor in the 2016 presidential election Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Jr. was enthusiastic.

It appears, the Trump family cons began when POTUS’ grandfather escaped from military duty in Germany and ran to the U.S. Once there, the president’s grandfather started up a series of houses of ill repute/restaurants for gold miners.

Then, the commander-in-chief’s father stole from the poorest in real estate thefts to make his billions. Therefore, Donald Junior just may have caught the family swindle bug, hence Avenatti’s warning.

Twitter world went wild. Check out some of our favorite tweets below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.