Trump Announces His Plans During Hurricane Michael & People Are Pissed


The president has proven time and again that he doesn’t really care what is happening to people too poor to jet out of any situation they see fit. He offers his Twitter warnings and condolences, he makes his appearances and throws relief supplies at survivors, then he goes back home until the next time. Obviously, Trump can’t go to Florida yet because Hurricane Michael just made landfall this morning, but he could stay on top of what is happening in those states instead of throwing a rally for an illiterate crown in Pennsylvania.

That’s exactly what he is doing Wednesday night, however, and he has just confirmed it via his Twitter page:

People on Twitter agree that the president is seriously lacking in an ability to prioritize based on importancy. To him, the people dying in Florida right now are less important than the rally crowd waiting for him tonight in Erie. Check out the best responses to Trump’s tweet below: