Trump Calls Historic Hurricane Micheal A ‘Big Tornado’ During Dopey W.H. Briefing


As the biggest hurricane in half a century makes landfall in Florida Wednesday, the country is on the edge of their seats waiting to see how this quickly developing storm unfolds. Tuesday night, the category 2 storm looked as if it may fizzle by the time it hit the Florida panhandle, but this morning it was apparent that this wasn’t only going to be a massive storm, but it was going to be a history-making storm that could prove to be much more deadly than anticipated.

The president has been tweeting about Hurricane Michael since yesterday, urging people to get ready for it, and evacuate if asked to. This is similar to other presidential attempts during every other storm, with the exception of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. He chimed in during recent Hurricane Florence, calling the storm “very wet,” in an astonishing revelation, and now, he has doubled down on his storm wisdom with Wednesday’s quote. This is what the president just said during an Oval Office briefing:

“It’s almost the entire size of the gulf, and they haven’t seen that, maybe they haven’t seen that at all. Nobody’s seen that before. We want to get down there as soon as possible. At the same time, I don’t want to go down where we’re interfering with the people, the first responders, the FEMA people. I want them to focus on the storm, not me.”

Reporters present recall the president then saying:

“It’s like a big tornado, a massive tornado. I say God bless you all.”

The people responding to this Daily Caller White House Correspondent were clear. The president is an idiot. We saved screenshots of the best Twitter reactions below: