WaPo Reporter Reveals The Real Reasons Behind Nikki Haley’s Resignation


While the initial speculation on Nikki Haley’s retirement from her position as the United Nations ambassador was that she may be planning to primary against Trump in 2020, Washington Post reporter John Hudson has a different theory, and one that seems far more accurate and based on insider knowledge.

On Twitter, Hudson said:

‘Haley had an increasingly diminished role as Pompeo filled the Tillerson vacuum, Bolton asserted himself on UN issues, and the US began withdrawing from key UN institutions/programs, chipping away at her clout…Haley’s influence at UN was blunted by Trump policy decisions that many other nations opposed, including recognizing Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, cutting aid to Palestinians and announcing a U.S. withdrawal from the U.N. HR Council. Notably, Haley supported those moves.’

Although Haley agreed with these moves, there are others that she has fought passionately over and lost. Some of those moves diminished her standing among not only the U.N., but within the Trump administration.

‘She has lost on other policy debates, including a further reduction in the number of refugees who can be resettled in the United States, as and me reported…Trump won’t name a Haley successor. “We have a number of people who would very much like to do it.” He says Haley has made the job of U.N. ambassador “a more glamorous position.” Meanwhile, Haley beams a smile.’

Haley announced her resignation in a surprise turn of events on Tuesday, shortly after Trump was laughed at uproariously by the U.N. Council during a speech. Trump has tried to spin that laughter into one of support and not derision. Few are buying that spin.

Featured image via Flickr by United States Mission Geneva under a Creative Commons license