Cohen Just Re-Registered To Vote & The Box He Checked Has The GOP Pissed


The hits just keep on coming. First, President Donald Trump lost his former lawyer Michael Cohen, and now, the Republican Party as a whole has lost him. After a report asserting as much earlier in the day, his lawyer Lanny Davis confirmed that Cohen had switched his party affiliation and — yet again — become a Democrat. He’d been a Democrat up until rather recently, only switching his affiliation before taking a finance leadership position with the national Republican Party.

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The time since he took that position has been marked by intense turmoil for the lawyer. He came under scrutiny at the beginning of this year for facilitating a hush money payment to Stephanie Clifford — aka Stormy Daniels — covering a brief affair she had with Trump. That hush money — and other similarly slanted cash that he pushed — was illegal, and Cohen pleaded guilty to associated crimes not that long ago.

That guilty plea — in which he implicated the president, saying he worked at his direction — was preceded by a list of methods Cohen employed to distance himself from Trump, who hardly rushed to the lawyer’s aid. Instead, he threw him under the bus, trying to shift responsibility for the entire hush money operation onto his shoulders. Cohen explained, in a roundabout response, that he’d no longer consider the president among the top interests he’s loyal to and concerned about, and Lanny Davis says Cohen’s re-registration is a part of that same distancing process.

The move could serve as an ironic harbinger of major losses to come for the GOP in the midterms in less than one month.

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