Maine Hit With Massive Seafood Boycott After Susan Collins’ Kavanaugh Vote


It looks as if John Fugelsang’s boycott against the state of Maine for the unforgivable vote by Susan Collins to confirm Brett Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court of the United States. The radio and social media personality said this shortly after Kavanaugh was confirmed:

“Dear Susan Collins — I really struggled with this but my tourist $ just voted against ever visiting Maine while you remain in office.”

Fugelsang said Tuesday that he did not call for a boycott, and that it was just a joke, but it’s too late for that.

One person in particular is following suit of Fugelsang’s original tweet, and pulling hundreds of thousands of their dollars out of the state. According to the Press Herald, “Hundreds of people said in the comments that they were behind the boycott, including one person who canceled a $2,200 reservation at Point Sebago resort and a Texas chef with multiple restaurants who vowed to boycott all Maine seafood. Others discussed shifting their travel plans to New Hampshire or Vermont.”

This also includes a Texas restaurant owner who decided to get his seafood from neighboring states instead of dealing in Maine. John Tesar owns six locations in Texas, and is opening a restaurant in Laguna Beach, California soon. He says he has happily pulled all of his service from the state of Maine.

Tesar said this about Susan Collins after confirming that Maine has lost “hundreds of thousands” of dollars from him alone:

“I am so disappointed and angry at her. My intent is not to hurt the fishermen, it’s to have them vote her out of office. The only way to make a difference in this day and age is economically, and on November 6th.”

The report states that at least one Maine lobster dealer has lost multiple customers. “Collins, a Republican, was under unprecedented pressure from both advocates and opponents in the weeks leading up to her vote Saturday to confirm Kavanaugh. On Friday, she gave a lengthy speech about why she was supporting him, prompting the backlash as she finally said publicly how she would vote. When she returned to Maine over the weekend, protesters assembled at her home in Bangor, her offices in Bangor and Portland, and at the Portland International Jetport.”